Like Clockwork: Top Tips for Ensuring Big Projects Run Smoothly

Though people endure it for the reward of that new kitchen or home extension, no one enjoys the stress of having a big project running at home.  It can feel like the home is in a constant messy state without anywhere to relax. However, there are a few ways to make the whole process more painless — if not necessarily enjoyable.

Hire Bins

If there's a great deal of waste to remove from your site — for example, if you're having renovation work done and there are building materials everywhere — then having a hired bin or skip on-site will help tenfold.  That's throughout the duration of the project and not just at the end of it.  

Using bin hire means garbage won't accumulate in piles, as it can instead be moved directly to the appropriate receptacle.  This also makes for safer working conditions on the site, so your contractors will thank you for it, too.

Clear Communication

Talk to the contractors you're employing and make sure they have everything they need for the project to run as quickly and smoothly as possible.  Ask for estimated dates for various milestones so that you know what you're working towards and can prepare in advance for any additional obstacles or problems those milestones might bring about.  

Besides, it always helps to have a schedule to run to, even if only a loose or estimated one.  Then everybody is on the same page — contractors, managers and client alike.  You shouldn't be afraid of coming across as pushy; it is perfectly understandable for you to want an estimated timeline, and your contractor should be more than happy to discuss one with you.

Site Safety

Especially if the work you're having done is fairly major, it's important to remember that you are effectively living with a building site.  Even on smaller sites, dangerous construction materials are likely to be around.  As such, you should treat the area accordingly.  Children shouldn't be allowed to play in the area after contractors have finished for the day, and you should also resist the urge to move tools or suchlike to make the place look more tidy.

Of course, it still won't be enjoyable to walk in past the rubble and building materials — but that's why it's important to have all of the proper bins hired so any rubbish has a 'proper home'.  After all, it's all only temporary.