Big Skip, Little Skip, Red Skip, Blue Skip: Choosing the Perfect Skip for Your Next Event

If you are planning a large scale event, you need to choose your skip carefully. Choosing the right skip keeps your event clean and makes it easier to manage. To help you, here are four points to consider when it comes to choosing a skip:

1. One large skip or many small skips

If you are doing a home renovation project, you estimate how much waste you are going to generate and you choose a skip size accordingly. With an event, however, it is not that simple. A representative from the skip hire company can help you estimate waste based on projected event attendance and other factors, but then, you need to determine whether you want all that volume in one large skip or several small skips.

If your event is happening in a relatively small space, hiring just one skip saves space. However, if your event is happening in a large area, you likely need several small skips so that people don't have to walk a long way to find the rubbish bins.

2. Red skips, yellow skips or skips of another colour

In some cases, when you hire a skip, you get to choose the colour. According to colour research, yellow is the most visible colour to most people. If you want people to see and use your skips, you want them to be yellow or another bright colour.

However, in other cases, you may want your skips to add a bit of style to your event. For example, if you are planning a sport tournament, you may want skips that coordinate with the colours of the home team.

3. Closed skips or open skips

While you want your skip easily visible and accessible to human attendees, you don't want raccoons or other skip-dipping pests to get into your skips. If you are holding the event out in the country or in an urban area with racoons, you want to pay attention to how your skip closes. Does it have a lid? Can you prevent animals from getting into it and spreading rubbish all over the place? However, if that is not a relevant concern, you may be fine with an open skip.

4. General waste or recyclables only

When you hire a skip for your event, keep in mind that you don't just have to get a skip that holds general waste. If you like, you can hire several different skips designed for holding recyclables. If you are going to be having lots of beer bottles or soda pop cans or other recyclables at your event, you may want a skip designed for recyclable items. This type of skip can even make your event look better if you are trying to appeal to the environmentally conscious group.

For more information, contact a company like McSkips.