Hotel Owners and Managers: Six Tips for Reducing the Waste Your Hotel Produces

If you own a hotel and want to reduce the amount of waste it produces, there are several things you can do. Here are some waste reducing tips to consider:

1. Replace disposable amenities with refillable ones

If you offer small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion or other products in your hotel rooms, consider replacing these bottles with refillable products. Instead of having your employees throw small half empty bottles out in your rubbish bin, you should invest in beautiful ceramic dispensers. Your cleaning staff can refill these containers between guests from a large container.

2. Only offer amenities as requested

If the idea of refillable bottles doesn't appeal to you, consider offering amenities only on request. Instead of putting little disposable bottles in each room, keep them at the front desk and only give them out as requested by guests. Many guests bring their own products. 

3. Repurpose old linens and towels

If you find yourself throwing away old linens and towels, don't let them fill up your commercial bins. Rather, repurpose those old linens and towels -- turn them into rags.

If you don't want to use them at your hotel, donate them to a local animal shelter. Dogs can get dry after baths, cats have soft rags to line the bottoms of their cages and your rubbish bins are emptier.

4. Give away or sell old furniture

If you have to redecorate your hotel, you might have a lot of furniture, art and curtains you simply don't need. While you can easily hire a skip and throw it all away, you should explore other options. You can donate it to a charity shop, or depending on the quality of your hotel, you may be able to sell the furniture to an older, less prestigious hotel. Make sure to ask the commercial bin hire service about what is appropriate to put in the bins. 

5. Purchase cleaning supplies in bulk

Instead of purchasing individual cleaning products that have bottles that end up in your bins, purchase strong cleaners that can be diluted with water into reusable spray bottles.  

6. Place recycling bins in your breakfast area

If you offer your guests free breakfast, you likely have lots of banana peels, muffin wrappers, juice containers, coffee cups and other waste. Don't throw everything in the rubbish bin. Instead, make sure that you have recycling and compost bins in your breakfast area to take the non-rubbish items. Compost can be donated to local farmers or even used on the flower gardens in front of your hotel. Additionally, consider placing recycling bins in guests rooms and on every floor near the elevators.