Important Questions to Ask Any Skip Hire Company

Before you hire a skip bin for your property, you want to ensure you know how long you can keep the skip, if it will be the right size for your project, and if there are any added fees and costs you might expect. While these questions are somewhat standard, there may be a few others that you should cover with the hire company so you know you get the right skip and what's involved in its use. Note a few of those additional questions here. 

1. Can the skip be moved?

Once it's placed on your property, you may be required to leave it in place and not move it. This is to ensure that it stays safely in one place and doesn't roll away if the skip has casters or wheels and to ensure no one gets hurt trying to move it. If you think you might want to move the skip around your property during a renovation or cleanup project, ask if this is possible and permitted and if you need a special skip for this. Some might hook to the back of a vehicle with a standard hitch and these you might be able to move on your own, but other skips may be required to stay in one place.  

2. Ask how to make it easier for the hire company to recycle your items

Many skip companies work to recycle items that are tossed in a skip so that less material winds up in landfills. You may be able to make it easier for the skip company to do this if you sort your waste according to its type, such as keeping brick and concrete in one skip and general household rubbish in another. Your hire company can tell you how to best assist with their recycling efforts if you're very eco-conscious and want to keep as much waste out of landfills as possible.

3. Ask if there is a difference for commercial waste

If you're looking to hire a skip for commercial waste, ask if there is a difference between that and household waste. Some skip companies will figure commercial waste differently; they may actually weigh the load and you only pay for the weight of the rubbish, not for the actual skip hire. You may also get a discount if you have regular rentals, for example, if you need to clean out your production facility of metal shavings and other waste every month, you may get a discount if you arrange these in advance versus simply calling every time you need a skip hire.