3 Tips for Recycling Make-Up and Cosmetics Containers

What do you do with your makeup and cosmetics bottles and containers when the product runs out? If you are like most people, you probably dump them in the trash can and visit the drugstore or cosmetics shop for another product. Most of the makeup, skin-care and hair-care products in your bathroom come with containers that are either made of plastic or glass. This means that they can be recycled rather than thrown in the garbage bin. So, before you toss your foundation bottle into the trash can, consider these three recycling tips that will help preserve the environment.

Upcycle the products

Most of the cosmetics and makeup products used today come in beautiful bottles that can be used for DIY crafts and decorations. You can spray or paint glass and plastic containers and use them as independent décor items around the house. Large containers can also be painted and used to grow flowers in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Whether it a nail polish bottle or shampoo container, almost all of these cosmetics can be upcycled in the home to create unique and beautiful DIY crafts and décor that you wouldn't find in the local store.

Reuse the items at home

Besides upcycling, you can also reuse some of these containers at home and save yourself from investing in new ones. For example, if you are used to making DIY rosewater spray for your hair or as a makeup setting spray, you can reuse your store-bought hairspray bottles instead of buying a new one. Similarly, you can clean small cosmetics bottles and use them to pack your body lotion, shampoos and skin-care products while travelling. Since the containers are small, you can save lots of space in your suitcase while going on a trip.

Recycle at the kerbside

If you have no use for cosmetic containers in your home, do not throw them in the trash can. Most of these containers have the triangular recycling symbol on them, and this means that recycling companies can collect them. Recycle them at the kerbside or take them to your local recycling site or supermarket. If there is a local bottle bank in your area, you can also drop off the containers there. You can also hire a recycling bin where you can dump these cosmetics and other recyclable household materials such as soda cans and plastic bottles.

Recycling your cosmetics, make-up and skin-care products is the first step to a sustainable lifestyle. Talk to a waste collection company if you need a recycling bin for these items and other recyclable waste in your household.