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Like Clockwork: Top Tips for Ensuring Big Projects Run Smoothly

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Though people endure it for the reward of that new kitchen or home extension, no one enjoys the stress of having a big project running at home.  It can feel like the home is in a constant messy state without anywhere to relax. However, there are a few ways to make the whole process more painless — if not necessarily enjoyable. Hire Bins If there’s a great deal of waste to remove from your site — for example, if you’re having renovation work done and there are building materials everywhere — then having a hired bin or skip on-site will help tenfold.  That’s throughout the duration of the project and not just at the end of it.   Using bin hire means garbage won’t accumulate in piles, as it can instead be moved directly to the appropriate receptacle.  This also makes for safer working conditions on the site, so your contractors will thank you for it, too. Clear Communication Talk to the contractors you’re employing and make sure they have everything they need for the project to run as quickly and smoothly as possible.  Ask for estimated dates for various milestones so that you know what you’re working towards and can prepare in advance for any additional obstacles or problems those milestones might bring about.   Besides, it always helps to have a schedule to run to, even if only a loose or estimated one.  Then everybody is on the same page — contractors, managers and client alike.  You shouldn’t be afraid of coming across as pushy; it is perfectly understandable for you to want an estimated timeline, and your contractor should be more than happy to discuss one with you. Site Safety Especially if the work you’re having done is fairly major, it’s important to remember that you are effectively living with a building site.  Even on smaller sites, dangerous construction materials are likely to be around.  As such, you should treat the area accordingly.  Children shouldn’t be allowed to play in the area after contractors have finished for the day, and you should also resist the urge to move tools or suchlike to make the place look more tidy. Of course, it still won’t be enjoyable to walk in past the rubble and building materials — but that’s why it’s important to have all of the proper bins hired so any rubbish has a ‘proper home’.  After all, it’s all only...

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Important Questions to Ask Any Skip Hire Company

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Before you hire a skip bin for your property, you want to ensure you know how long you can keep the skip, if it will be the right size for your project, and if there are any added fees and costs you might expect. While these questions are somewhat standard, there may be a few others that you should cover with the hire company so you know you get the right skip and what’s involved in its use. Note a few of those additional questions here.  1. Can the skip be moved? Once it’s placed on your property, you may be required to leave it in place and not move it. This is to ensure that it stays safely in one place and doesn’t roll away if the skip has casters or wheels and to ensure no one gets hurt trying to move it. If you think you might want to move the skip around your property during a renovation or cleanup project, ask if this is possible and permitted and if you need a special skip for this. Some might hook to the back of a vehicle with a standard hitch and these you might be able to move on your own, but other skips may be required to stay in one place.   2. Ask how to make it easier for the hire company to recycle your items Many skip companies work to recycle items that are tossed in a skip so that less material winds up in landfills. You may be able to make it easier for the skip company to do this if you sort your waste according to its type, such as keeping brick and concrete in one skip and general household rubbish in another. Your hire company can tell you how to best assist with their recycling efforts if you’re very eco-conscious and want to keep as much waste out of landfills as possible. 3. Ask if there is a difference for commercial waste If you’re looking to hire a skip for commercial waste, ask if there is a difference between that and household waste. Some skip companies will figure commercial waste differently; they may actually weigh the load and you only pay for the weight of the rubbish, not for the actual skip hire. You may also get a discount if you have regular rentals, for example, if you need to clean out your production facility of metal shavings and other waste every month, you may get a discount if you arrange these in advance versus simply calling every time you need a skip...

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Hotel Owners and Managers: Six Tips for Reducing the Waste Your Hotel Produces

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If you own a hotel and want to reduce the amount of waste it produces, there are several things you can do. Here are some waste reducing tips to consider: 1. Replace disposable amenities with refillable ones If you offer small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion or other products in your hotel rooms, consider replacing these bottles with refillable products. Instead of having your employees throw small half empty bottles out in your rubbish bin, you should invest in beautiful ceramic dispensers. Your cleaning staff can refill these containers between guests from a large container. 2. Only offer amenities as requested If the idea of refillable bottles doesn’t appeal to you, consider offering amenities only on request. Instead of putting little disposable bottles in each room, keep them at the front desk and only give them out as requested by guests. Many guests bring their own products.  3. Repurpose old linens and towels If you find yourself throwing away old linens and towels, don’t let them fill up your commercial bins. Rather, repurpose those old linens and towels — turn them into rags. If you don’t want to use them at your hotel, donate them to a local animal shelter. Dogs can get dry after baths, cats have soft rags to line the bottoms of their cages and your rubbish bins are emptier. 4. Give away or sell old furniture If you have to redecorate your hotel, you might have a lot of furniture, art and curtains you simply don’t need. While you can easily hire a skip and throw it all away, you should explore other options. You can donate it to a charity shop, or depending on the quality of your hotel, you may be able to sell the furniture to an older, less prestigious hotel. Make sure to ask the commercial bin hire service about what is appropriate to put in the bins.  5. Purchase cleaning supplies in bulk Instead of purchasing individual cleaning products that have bottles that end up in your bins, purchase strong cleaners that can be diluted with water into reusable spray bottles.   6. Place recycling bins in your breakfast area If you offer your guests free breakfast, you likely have lots of banana peels, muffin wrappers, juice containers, coffee cups and other waste. Don’t throw everything in the rubbish bin. Instead, make sure that you have recycling and compost bins in your breakfast area to take the non-rubbish items. Compost can be donated to local farmers or even used on the flower gardens in front of your hotel. Additionally, consider placing recycling bins in guests rooms and on every floor near the...

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Big Skip, Little Skip, Red Skip, Blue Skip: Choosing the Perfect Skip for Your Next Event

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If you are planning a large scale event, you need to choose your skip carefully. Choosing the right skip keeps your event clean and makes it easier to manage. To help you, here are four points to consider when it comes to choosing a skip: 1. One large skip or many small skips If you are doing a home renovation project, you estimate how much waste you are going to generate and you choose a skip size accordingly. With an event, however, it is not that simple. A representative from the skip hire company can help you estimate waste based on projected event attendance and other factors, but then, you need to determine whether you want all that volume in one large skip or several small skips. If your event is happening in a relatively small space, hiring just one skip saves space. However, if your event is happening in a large area, you likely need several small skips so that people don’t have to walk a long way to find the rubbish bins. 2. Red skips, yellow skips or skips of another colour In some cases, when you hire a skip, you get to choose the colour. According to colour research, yellow is the most visible colour to most people. If you want people to see and use your skips, you want them to be yellow or another bright colour. However, in other cases, you may want your skips to add a bit of style to your event. For example, if you are planning a sport tournament, you may want skips that coordinate with the colours of the home team. 3. Closed skips or open skips While you want your skip easily visible and accessible to human attendees, you don’t want raccoons or other skip-dipping pests to get into your skips. If you are holding the event out in the country or in an urban area with racoons, you want to pay attention to how your skip closes. Does it have a lid? Can you prevent animals from getting into it and spreading rubbish all over the place? However, if that is not a relevant concern, you may be fine with an open skip. 4. General waste or recyclables only When you hire a skip for your event, keep in mind that you don’t just have to get a skip that holds general waste. If you like, you can hire several different skips designed for holding recyclables. If you are going to be having lots of beer bottles or soda pop cans or other recyclables at your event, you may want a skip designed for recyclable items. This type of skip can even make your event look better if you are trying to appeal to the environmentally conscious group. For more information, contact a company like...

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