3 Tips for Recycling Make-Up and Cosmetics Containers

What do you do with your makeup and cosmetics bottles and containers when the product runs out? If you are like most people, you probably dump them in the trash can and visit the drugstore or cosmetics shop for another product. Most of the makeup, skin-care and hair-care products in your bathroom come with containers that are either made of plastic or glass. This means that they can be recycled rather than thrown in the garbage bin. Read More 

4 Facts about Disposal of Sharps that Laboratory Technicians Must Know

Clinical by-products like sharps, lab waste and human tissue can lead to issues like infection and acute injuries. Notably, if you have a laboratory facility, you will likely encounter sharps waste, which are devices or abandoned objects that can penetrate or cut one's skin. Examples of sharps include broken glass, needles, scalpel blades, and hard plastics. Here are a few facts that novice medical laboratory technicians must know about sharps and their safe disposal. Read More 

Like Clockwork: Top Tips for Ensuring Big Projects Run Smoothly

Though people endure it for the reward of that new kitchen or home extension, no one enjoys the stress of having a big project running at home.  It can feel like the home is in a constant messy state without anywhere to relax. However, there are a few ways to make the whole process more painless — if not necessarily enjoyable. Hire Bins If there's a great deal of waste to remove from your site — for example, if you're having renovation work done and there are building materials everywhere — then having a hired bin or skip on-site will help tenfold. Read More 

Important Questions to Ask Any Skip Hire Company

Before you hire a skip bin for your property, you want to ensure you know how long you can keep the skip, if it will be the right size for your project, and if there are any added fees and costs you might expect. While these questions are somewhat standard, there may be a few others that you should cover with the hire company so you know you get the right skip and what's involved in its use. Read More 

Hotel Owners and Managers: Six Tips for Reducing the Waste Your Hotel Produces

If you own a hotel and want to reduce the amount of waste it produces, there are several things you can do. Here are some waste reducing tips to consider: 1. Replace disposable amenities with refillable ones If you offer small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion or other products in your hotel rooms, consider replacing these bottles with refillable products. Instead of having your employees throw small half empty bottles out in your rubbish bin, you should invest in beautiful ceramic dispensers. Read More